Our Firm

What we are not

Instead of telling you what we are, let’s start by telling you what we are not:

  • a big, intimidating law firm that bills you for every phone call, making you hesitate to ask questions;
  • a place so big you never actually talk to your lawyer, only the assistant;
  • a group of people in suits that speak in “legalese,” not clear, easy-to-understand English;
  • a business that isn’t focused on its clients, just the bottom line.

So, What are we?

An experienced group of professionals anchored by an attorney who has:

  • more than 17 years of practical experience ranging from representing a major city and it’s mayor, to handling personal injury cases, probate, real estate, family law, consumer protection, and general civil litigation;
  • taught as an Associate Professor at one of the largest law schools in the country:
  • proudly served as a district court magistrate in the 52-3 District Court in Rochester Michigan.

We are small enough to

  • answer your phone calls;
  • meet with you at your home if you are homebound;
  • make the commitment to you that when you need the calming reassurance of speaking to your attorney─even if it’s just to “hear my voice,” you will.