Let us Bridge Your Gap to Legal Services

Our Firm

We understand that the law is a scary, complex thing. In your situation you do best having the law on your side.


Instead of telling you what we are, let’s start by telling you what we are not:

  • a big, intimidating law firm that bills you for every phone call, making you hesitate to ask questions;
  • a place so big you never actually talk to your lawyer, only the assistant;
  • a group of people in suits that speak in “legalese,” not clear, easy-to-understand English;
  • a business that isn’t focused on its clients, just the bottom line.


An experienced group of professionals anchored by an attorney who has:

  • more than 17 years of practical experience ranging from representing a major city and it’s mayor, to handling personal injury cases, probate, real estate, family law, consumer protection, and general civil litigation;
  • taught as an Associate Professor at one of the largest law schools in the country:
  • proudly served as a district court magistrate in the 52-3 District Court in Rochester Michigan.


  • answer your phone calls;
  • meet with you at your home if you are homebound;
  • make the commitment to you that when you need the calming reassurance of speaking to your attorney─even if it’s just to “hear my voice,” you will.

I have had the pleasure of working with Karen for several years. Karen and I worked together on two cases and were very successful on both. Karen quickly summed up our first opponent as one that could not be reasoned with. With increasingly absurd requests and delays, the case was dragged out for about 18 months. Karen used this to her advantage by keeping detailed notes and skillfully working through every delay. When she brought the case before the judge, he was able to easily review it and quickly awarded me the full damages I requested plus an additional $18,000 in late fees for failed payment. Although this case produced an often frustrating atmosphere, it only allowed Karen and me to work better together and become sharper in handling difficult cases.

I was thrilled to hear Karen decided to go into private practice. She has an exceptionally strong eye for detail and that benefited me greatly on numerous occasions. She has a calm demeanor both in and out of the courtroom and always keeps her head in the game regardless of the circumstances. Karen believes in her clients and always works to secure the upper-hand in representing them.

Karen is an extremely honest and talented attorney who cares about her clients and knows how to bring them the results they deserve.