Priebe accuser’s attorney speaks out after sentencing

By: Christiana Ford

Attorney Karen Truszkowski delivered an emotional victim impact statement on behalf of her client Athziry Pilar. Pilar says she was sexually harassed by Matthew Priebe when she was a student and he was a school resource officer at Eastern high.

“How does a young girl tell her father, mother and boyfriend the things another man did to her. that she was touched multiple times and that her hand was forced onto his penis,” said Truszkowski.

Pilar who chose to be identified has told News 10 a year in jail is not enough. Her attorney says she stands by the that.

“I can’t say I’m happy or disappointed,” said Truszkowski. “It kind of just was what was agreed thing I am glad is that these young ladies did not have to testify in a criminal trial.”

Priebe apologized to the three young women in court and talked about changing his behavior. His attorney Mary Cartier said it was sincere.

“He has tremendous remorse for his actions. He wishes them all the best and hopes that they can begin to heal from this,” said Cartier.

Truszkowski isn’t convinced.

“My response to that is I hope that the things that he was saying are truthful and that he does take a step back and look at what he’s done to these young women,” said Truszkowski.

The criminal case may be over but Truszkowski says the pain for her client still continues.

“Nobody from the school district or from the police department, the Lansing Public Schools or the Lansing Police Department nobody has ever reached out to any of these young women just to ask them how are you doing,” said Truszkowski.

News 10 talked to Athzuri Pilar over the phone. She said while she doesn’t know whether Priebe’s apology in court was sincere but it’s going to take a while for her to forgive him.

News 10 also reached out to the Lansing Police Department on Wednesday to try to get a statement on the sentence. They said the department does not have a response.

Priebe was removed from Eastern High School once then-chief Mike Yankowski learned of the accusations. He was put on administrative leave — and resigned during the investigation.