Broadly Teen Says She Was Sexually Assaulted in School—Then Suspended for Being ‘Lewd’

A 14-year-old student was raped at school. Though her assault was caught on a security camera, administrators allegedly concluded that she was complicit because she didn’t fight back enough. They also suggested that she could have insulted her attacker’s penis.

Update: The Lansing School District responded with the following statement: The Lansing School District will not engage in public dialogue regarding the recent lawsuit filed alleging Title IX violations. We honor and respect the privacy of all of the individuals involved in this case, especially that of the plaintiff. Therefore, we will not participate in communicating information about this case in any manner or at any time. Our legal system has been designed to hear all sides of a claim and we trust that the truth will be revealed in due course. The safety of our students is our primary concern and we approach each situation with the care and concern afforded to us as educators. […]

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