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Sexual Assault

If you or your child have been sexually harassed or sexually assaulted at school or even off school grounds, you or your child have rights to protection and support.

Your school or your child’s school is mandated by federal and state law to offer these protections. In many cases, they don’t. In many cases, they punish or reprimand the victims.

These mandated protections apply to any school that receives federal money, from Kindergarten all the way to college and graduate school.

If you have been a victim of any type of sex-based abuse in your school, and your school is not offering the support and protection you need, we can help.

There is no cost to you for a consultation, and in most cases, no cost if we represent you.

You do not have to walk through this alone. Let us help you.


Title IX

Sexual assault is, sadly, far too common in our schools, including elementary through post-graduate programs​. A federal law called Title IX should protect ​students from sexual harassment and assault,

Sexual Assault in Schools

Learn about K-12+ rights at Stop Sexual Assault in Schools, a one-stop resource.

LGBT Community

2015 was a historical year in civil rights, especially in the LGBTQ community.  Same-sex marriage became legal in all 50 states, and transgender individuals are featured on major television shows and in the news.

I knew I had found the right person to handle my divorce when, after my very first telephone call with Karen, I came away with a feeling of intense relief that I’d found a grown-up I could hand my burden to and know it would be taken care of. Karen made it possible to get through my divorce with efficiency and a total lack of drama. When we met in person the first time, we agreed on a casual, comfortable location and she listened carefully to my information, outlined the process, and let me know upfront what the cost would be. She told me what would happen, and when, and followed through at each step to make sure the necessary tasks were done. Karen proved to be very accessible, and she patiently and efficiently dealt with my questions — I always felt completely comfortable to contact her at any time, which made a world of difference if I started to worry about something. She was always upfront, professional, and polite with me, as well as my ex-husband, which made the divorce process pretty much stress-free and avoided any acrimony that would have made life difficult. I’m very lucky – not only did Karen get me through my divorce with no fuss, but I feel like I now have both an attorney and a friend for life. I would strongly recommend Karen to anyone who needs to get a legal task of any magnitude done with skill, compassion and efficiency.



Your Leader for Title IX in Michigan
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