Punishment “regardless of consent”

Punishment "regardless of consent" Two teenage students from Eastern High School have come forward about being sexually assaulted. And, one of them was punished under District policy forbidding sexual conduct. "She was suspended for lewd and lascivious behavior, for...

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School Suspends Girl After She Was Sexually Assaulted

A Michigan teenager filed a complaint June 7 stating a school suspended her for being lewd after she was sexually assaulted on camera. In October 2015, an unidentified fourteen-year-old girl complained to Eastern High School officials she had been sexually assaulted,...

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Suspended After Assault at School, Girl Says

  Click the "Courthouse News Service" logo for more info!  LANSING, Mich. (CN) — A Michigan school district had security footage of a child's sexual assault but suspended the girl anyway for "lewd behavior," she claims in a federal complaint. The June 7 complaint...

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