Punishment “regardless of consent”

Punishment “regardless of consent”

Two teenage students from Eastern High School have come forward about being sexually assaulted. And, one of them was punished under District policy forbidding sexual conduct.

“She was suspended for lewd and lascivious behavior, for what they considered to be a consensual act and she maintained from the very beginning that it was not consensual,” explained the student’s lawyer, Karen Truszkowski.

Truszkowski tells News Ten two administrators watched video of the incident and suspended both students.

“They made the determination of – or told her they didn’t believe her story and that re-victimized her all over again,” she said. “So, what student is going to report what happened to them, if there’s the chance that they’re going to be suspended or get in trouble if something happens to them?”

Truszkowski told News Ten the policy is scaring students away from reporting.

Under “Behaviors Which May Lead to Disciplinary Action,” “Obscene or Lewd Behavior” is defined as “engaging in conduct of a sexual nature regardless of consent.”

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